Residential Garage Doors

Allstar will help you choose the garage door that will work best for your property. We offer a range of selections for property owners that can be viewed through our showroom. Our experts can help match your personal taste to the perfect style for your home.

Is it time for an upgrade?

Our experts will work with you to help decide on the best time for an upgrade. Usually, our customers find that replacing the door just before preparing to sell the home enhances its curb appeal. Upgrading the garage door could fit into a remodel makeover plan when your property is being repainted. Upgrading the garage door design is also perfect for those who are planning to do more entertaining during the warmer months.

Should your garage door be replaced?

Over the years, the typical garage door is subjected to a lot of wear and tear. While minor cosmetic scratches barely detectable to the eye won't detract from the property's overall curb appeal, the garage door can certainly become an eyesore if it loses its original shape or becomes discolored. If it starts to require multiple costly repairs in a relatively short time span, your garage door may have to be replaced altogether. Our technicians can help with identifying the most practical option for restoring the garage door to its original appearance.

We encourage you to visit our showroom to review the endless number of options available for replacing or upgrading your garage door. You can select a door based on thermal performance, noise cancellation capacity, aesthetic qualities, or your security and durability requirements.

Different Types of Materials

Wooden overlay doors are perfect for residential properties. They can be painted and finished with the design of the structure in mind. We recommend going for the design that best highlights the character of your property and adds to curb appeal. Popular wood varieties include mahogany, redwood and cedar.

Steel doors offer a higher level of security. Steel doors are particularly resilient and retain their appearance for quite some time. The highest gauge doors come with sturdy frames designed to resist dents.

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